The Borgias At A Glance…

Words by: Matthew speer

*WARNING Contains Head Nodding Illusions*

Heading nodding illusions? Spectral guitarists? Birmingham? That sounds about right.

It’s no secret that Musically Fresh if inundated with emails and review requests and it’s also no secret that we conduct such business outside of other commitments. However, what is also no secret is that despite all this, we do out best to cover such a wide array of music as is possible. Enter, The Borgias.

As is openly suggested above, Birmingham is itself an eclectic place of intertwining culture, arts and music with The Borgias a product of such.

Taking influence from the likes of Primal Scream, Kasabian, Happy Mondays, The Charlatans, The Doors the band have crafted sound sat loosely in modern Indie but also with planted feelers navigating the soundscape elsewhere for inspiration.

Tracks such as ‘Joosey Loosey’ take a more 70’s disco approach with plenty of Synth work and guitars that envision upon you some sort of police sitcom laden with sideburns in a track that also blends in a more modern Electronic sound to an already varied composition.

Tracks such as ‘Soldier Boy’ in many ways sound as if they were pulled straight from the 90’s, with the likes of Oasis and Blur easily heard and paired with a slight influence from a more Reggae and Dub background. ‘Soldier’ boy also breaks in a very basic but classic Drum n’ Bass beat that quite surprisingly works very well.

As much as I wasn’t sure what I was going to be presented with at length with this three piece, their musical expertise and in many ways courage to propagate such a diverse and often chaotic collection of sounds is nothing short of impressive.

Musically Fresh has been lucky enough to gain an insight into some of the newer material The Borgias are working on as I type and you read and if any of the above or any of the music you are going to prospectively sample from the band tickles your fancy, you should be keeping an eye out.

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